Triple your ROI (3X) with our 90-Day ATM Profit Machine through Paid Traffic

The best thing to happen to your business? 


Many businesses are stuck in a dilemma. Our flagship program is responsible for the massive transformation and made them. Ecommerce and Financial Services businesses always ask themself this…

Should we invest or continue losing out on online revenue.

It’s simple. Here’s how it works…

Over 90 days, we come in every day and handle your advertising efforts for you.


What do we require from you?

In 95% of cases, all we need are some photos from your end, and we’ll do the rest. Our in-house team of experts will construct your campaigns from scratch to unicorn.

Our team carefully crafts your winning ads with the sole focus of reaching your dream. We run our campaigns through a series of checklists, testing, and more testing.

YOUR campaign will be your business’ supercharger.


The result?

You’ll have all your Facebook ads up and running in 5 days!

They’ll be your very own online salespeople, selling for you round the clock. Or better, think of your campaign as your profit-generating ATM machine.

As you deposit money into your ads, you grow your business revenue reserve.


How are we so sure?

We have never made less than a 3X ROI over 90 days for our eCommerce businesses and Financial Services.

If we decide we’re a great fit to work together, and more importantly, we see that we can actually help you hit your yearly targets, we will feel the sense of duty to supercharge your business.

Our program is a fixed 3 months agreement. From there, you can wish to decide to keep it rolling month after month, depending on how much revenue you prefer to make.

You never hire a gardener to fix your sink.

Yet that is what most Ecommerce businesses and Financial Services do.

They hire unqualified agencies not specialized in constructing campaigns specifically for you. Our specialty is our ability to help Ecommerce and Financial Services businesses triple their return on investment, just like we did to our lucky clients.

Success leaves clues, and with our previous 6 and 7 figure clients, we know the” how to deliver results” part. We triple (3X) YOUR ROI in 90 days.

Rest assured.

“Paid traffic is too expensive and doesn’t bring in revenue”

That is only true if paid traffic is an expense to your business.

We turn that around and make it the ultimate investment you can make.

Your goal is to turn your marketing efforts into being the profit center of your business. We aim to do that for you. We create, tweak, handle, and refine your ads to lower their costs over the long-haul. Your ad spend will remain healthy.

Does it really matter if you spend $2,000 on Facebook ads but end up making $10,000?

Our clients wish their competitors never find out about us.

I’m Adrian and I’m the founder of LDX Digital. My clients always tell me how they wish their competitors would never find out about us.

My understanding is that they’re pretty satisfied with the results we’ve been bringing them, since we do triple (3X) their ROI in 90 days.

My question to you is…

For how long are you going to let your business deteriorate?

The longer you wait, the more you’re losing out on potential earnings.

If you are currently making $30,000 dollars revenue per month, and wish to get to $50,000 dollars per month…

Then you are paying a cost of $20,000 dollars each month by not hiring the right agency to take you to your goal.

How about changing that? Here’s how..